Vision and Mission

United in spirit, we carry out a worthy mission in pursuit of a shared vision to:

  • Become one of the top players in any specific field that we are in, considering, in particular, Maybank Kim Eng’s 2 pillars and Corporate Vision;
  • Provide our shareholders with a fair return on their investments, both in terms of dividends and increased share values;
  • Maintain our short-term and long-term profitability;
  • Hire people with distinct competence and leadership and develop them for higher management positions;
  • Reward employees in a manner commensurate to their contributions and to maintain a reputation as a fair employer who is interested at all times in the well-being of its employees;
  • Consistently respond to the needs of the Asean Region and the Philippines, particularly within the communities in which the Company and our subsidiaries and affiliates operate, whether or not financial gain is directly or indirectly involved; and
  • To contribute to the attainment of Maybank Kim Eng’s vision to be a regional powerhouse in 2015.

As a diversified group focused on financial services, it is our mission to provide clients with high quality and value-added products and services, while giving our best efforts to enhance shareholder value. As a company with global outlook and competencies, we promise diverse and challenging opportunities for our employees while contributing to the socio-economic welfare of the nation and the communities in which Maybank Kim Eng, the Company, and our subsidiaries and affiliates operate. The Group is steadfast in our commitment to the country and the region.